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How do I improve my digestion?

Improve Your Diet

Diet is one of the most important aspects of the human body and plays an inevitable role in everything. What you eat today can have an impact on your hormones next week to your digestive health in a few days.

While healthy eating is the most simplified statement towards improving the diet, there are other aspects one could engage in as well. Avoiding caffeinated and sugar loaded drinks will make a huge difference. One week without caffeine can produce as massive a change as improved sleeping, improved bowels, and improved mental alertness during the day since you won't be "crashing."

Cutting out alcohol can have a positive impact as well. Alcohol consumption has been linked to excessive weight gain in some people and has played a factor in making it rough for one to lose weight unless they quit.

Take a probiotic supplement. This is the healthy intestinal bacteria found in yogurt. If you can't consume yogurt often enough, you can try the supplement instead. Just make sure it's a good quality brand.

Otherwise, when paying attention to food, think of deep colors. You want to consume all foods that come in colors like green, red, yellow, orange and so on. The deeper the color, the more nutrient rich it is. For instance, a red apple has more nutrition than a green apple, although don't let this stop you from eating the green apple if you want one. Keep your diet colorful, and your digestive health will improve!

Quick tip: make green smoothies! They're a good way to get the probiotics (from yogurt) and at least 3 servings of produce a day!

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